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Team Teal

Team Teal


Functions like the original Organizer but with so much more room!!

  • Bag size is 8" x 10" - a lot roomier, can hold all kinds of stuff!
  • Ginormous cell phone?  We got you covered - the phone pocket is now 4.5" wide!!!!!
  • Bigger back pocket is 8" x  5" and can hold treats or other walking essentials.
  • Key fob is included in the back pocket, get an extra house key and you'll never get locked out.
  • Vinyl lined, zippered compartment discretely holds used waste bags & pulls out for easy cleanup or is big enough for a water bottle, tennis ball and portable bowl!
  • Charcoal sachet inside bag absorbs odors.

    Bag measures 8 inches across, 10 inches in height and is about 1 inch wide.  The strap adjust to accommodate short and tall two leggers.

    100% Cotton - Clean by wiping down the fabric or hand washing with warm water and a mild soap solution. Simply rinse with clear water to prevent dirt from embedding itself into the fabric.

    Strap is polyproplene which resists all types are mold, mildew, moisture and it is rot resistant - we want you to use this bag for a long time!

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