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The perfect holiday gift for the pet lover

Looking for a great holiday present idea for that special four-legged friend while gifting yourself as well? Or how about a present for someone in your life who never skips a daily walk with their pup? The Goin’ In Style’s Dog Walker Organizer Bag has unique features that will instantly transform dog walking for the better.

Where Fashion Meets Function

One of the greatest features of our bag is the overall appearance. Never look disorganized and sloppy when you’re out with your dog. It comes in four colors so no matter what shade fits your style, we’ve got you covered. The organizer can also be worn in a variety of ways depending on your preference. It’s one of the only pet bags that’s ergonomic.

The bag can be worn cross-body style or you can hang it from your belt. This allows the bag to sit firmly on your hip and move with you while making everything from your phone, keys or waste bags easily accessible.

Why it’s the best holiday gift for the dog lover

The front of the bag features a snug pocket that will fit many major smartphone brands to keep it safe. The back features a key fob holder with a key chain to keep keys from falling out and getting lost. The middle pocket holds another essential element that results from dog walking, waste.

Large enough to suit any size dog, the middle pocket offers a secure, out of sight and out of smell location to put those used, filled-up waste bags. A charcoal sachet is included to eliminate odor, keeping the bag smelling fresh. And stop worrying to remember the plastic bag! The front of the organizer features a waste bag holder that allows you to pull out one bag at a time.

Recommended by pet sitters across the country

The bag was recently recommended by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters to its members. The group recognized how much easier dog walking is thanks to its functional capacity. As people who walk with dogs for a living, the bag has proven over and over how much easier dog walking can be.

The Dog Walker Organizer Bag is a dream when it comes to simplifying the chaos and clutter that many of us experience while walking our dogs. It’s a tool to foster the human-animal bond to make spending time with your pet even more enjoyable. Whether it be your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or your favorite dog walking professional, this stylish bag will surely bring a smile to anyone’s holiday.

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