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It's Happening Baby!

Pretty sure I have never been so excited in all my adult life. It’s like the Christmas I got everything I wanted, only better!

I am tttthhhhhhiiiiiiiiisssssssss close to getting our dog walker bag on the market. I just got an awesome price from XXXX in XXXX NJ. and so it’s off too beautiful North Jersey next week to meet face to face with their guy and I can ask him the one million questions in my head.

It’s been a fast and furious journey since June 17, 2018 when I first decided to make this my retirement gig and I have learned a TON. Here are some of the highlights:

Starting a business is very exciting. I wake up at night with the best ideas and questions.

SBA Loans are not a thing. There are no loans for non-technology start-ups. The best I could do was get a couple of credit cards to get things started.

Made in the USA? That costs a lot. I am going to limited product line that will be made in the USA and I will also have my product manufactured off shore. That’s just the way it is for right now. Even with a tariff it is still much less expensive to go overseas.

Printed fabric is problematic! Who knew? Printed fabric has what is called a “continuity” issue, meaning once it’s all gone, it’s really all gone. Also, to use a print that’s legit you either have to design it yourself (that would be a NO) or buy a print online and pay a licensing fee. So guess what! My first production run will be in lively contrasting colors. Still a handsome product for sure.

Everyone has a good idea. I have talked to my friends, strangers, the guy at the dog park, people at the gym. I am a talker and so I talk. People will give you the most amazing advice AND they want to help in any way they can. Sometimes they just have someone that they want to connect you with and that’s just huge.

Patience really is a virtue!

Trademarking is a must and so is a good trademark attorney.

Patents are tricky and very expensive.

And that is just off the top of my head. It’s been a whirlwind of activity, aha moments in the middle of the night and lots and lots of internet searching. But the dog walker bag is coming together and you will be able to buy one (or two, or three….) very soon!

Thanks for hanging with me!



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