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The Bumpy Ride to Business Ownership

n my last blog I was over-the-moon happy that I found (or so I thought) a professional, reputable and responsive vendor.

Not so much.

After weeks and weeks of unanswered emails, tepid responses and general frustration I decided to go online and poke around to see if I could find someone that might be a better fit for me.

And I did. I found two vendors. One here in the US and one overseas. The US manufacturer is in Kentucky and supports her small town by providing jobs to a number of very skilled sewists. Previously there was a large children’s clothing manufacturer in town that went bye-bye and so there were a number of people who could step up to the plate and make my manufacturers dream come true. And now they are making my dream come true by making my limited edition line. Available only here on this website, I hope to have this line up and running here within 90 days. You should be able to go in style by Spring!

My second vendor will be producing my retail line which will be at a different price point than the limited edition line. This vendor was extremely professional and responsive and turned around a stunning sample in less than 3 weeks. This line will be available online and in a retail store near you (fingers crossed!)

Doing business overseas is tricky at the very least so you have to hang on and go with the flow, which I am trying my best to do. Everything takes a little more effort, but I have to want to make that effort to make my business get up and get going (in style, of course!)

The good news is - my products are being made, my trademark and patent applications (yes, I did that!) have been filed and I am that much closer to making this thing a go. It took a lot…….and I mean A LOT longer than I thought it would.

I would like to give a BIG thank you to all my friends and family, to those that “liked” my Instagram and Facebook posts. That little bit of reassurance keeps a new business owner motivated.

So here’s to 2018 - thanks for getting me started on the road to my dream and here’s looking at you 2019 - we need to make it happen!!!

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