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Our Story


Owner and creator Joyce Smythe with her boys Charlie and Dutch.

Our story is pretty simple.  I was always forgetting something.........
My dogs waited all day for me to come home and when I finally did get home, it was a scramble.  Where's my phone?  Do I have any poop bags?  I thought I put my keys down here.......... there's always something missing.  
And my dogs waited.  Just like they did all day.
So after years and years and dogs and dogs I finally decided to make a dog walker organizer that helped me carry everything in one place and keep me from losing my stuff while I was out on our walk.  I had actually had this idea in my head for years but I never had time to create it until I found myself retired with plenty of time on my hands. 

So I made myself a couple of bags and then I figured if I needed this, there had to be a lot of folks that could use some help.  And that's how I started Goin' In Style!

Feedback from dog Moms and Dads has been very enthusiastic and professional dog walkers are over the moon - it's the perfect answer to keep everyone organized and out the door in a flash.

And once I got going I thought - hey, maybe we can do some good with this and donate some money to dog rescues!  And so we do. For every bag we sell at fairs, festivals and online, we donate $1.00 to a deserving rescue.

And that's our simple story.  We love what we do and we hope we can spread our love, one bag at a time!

Best regards,

Joyce, Dutch and Charlie

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