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Chief Security Officer

Dutch (aka Dutchie Doodle, Dutchboy and Dutchmaster) has been part of the Goin' In Style! family since the beginning, and is responsible for making sure the mail and delivery folks are sufficiently barked at.



Joyce thinks she's the brains behind the operation and we're gonna let her keep thinking that because she works so hard, has such a pleasant attitude and she has never bitten anyone.


CLO (Chief Love Officer)

Charlie is THE happiest boy alive.  His tail only stops wagging when he's pondering his next move or when he is asleep.  If it's possible to love too much then Charlie is guilty of that.

Our Story

As Told By Dutch the Doggo, CSO

I don't have a lot of time, so I'll make this short (I have security responsibilites..........)

Well, this is a pretty simple story., Joyce had enough of the corporate world after many, many, many years (can't say how many, I can't count that high).  She had a good bit of time on her hands and she decided that after thinking and talking and talking (she's a talker, that one)  about this dog walker bag idea for about 10 years (70 dog years mind you!) she'd get on her sewing machine and start figuring out what the best looking, best functioning dog bag would look like.  She put a lot of hours in on that sewing machine (and more than a little cussing...) and voila!  The Goin' In Style Dog Walker bag was created.  Charlie and I liked the bag alright, but there was nothing in it for us, really.  Then she got the idea to create a whole line of products around this bag and voila again she came up with collars, leashes, keychains and bandanas that look really good together.  And according to Mahm has even more stuff coming down the  pike,  Doing all of this gives us a chance to give back, so for every bag sold online or at a vendor show we donate $1. to a local dog rescue.  


Dutch the Doggo

Yes, I would like to here from Goin' In Style about things like sales and new products.

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